I have always LOVED the sand dunes!!!

This is probably my 4th time I come and shoot here and thats still technically considered a unique location! four times is NOT a lot! This place along with so many other places are just so worth the drive. If you want your photos to look unique and outside of your typical San Diego spots this is the place!

I carpooled with Mikey and Perla to the dunes and it wasn't too bad of a drive since we were chatting through it all! Once we got there the weather was absolutely perfect! I have gone in super hot weather and super windy weather but never during a day this perfect!

It was so beautiful and completely alone! It made for the best shots. Once the session was done we went to the nearest in&out which has now become a tradition with every couple after the sand dunes!

Congratulations M+P cant wait to see you two tie the knot!