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My name is Alyssa (also known as Aly). I recently got married but decided to keep my maiden name as my business and that's where my last name Famoso comes from. 🤍 I am a 26 year old Graphic Designer and Photographer based in San Diego. As a little girl my gifts always consisted of pens, markers, paints and paper. I've aways considered myself a creative person, whether that was in drawing, digital arts or behind the camera. I touched my first professional camera 6 years ago! I was learning my passion for photography through YouTube university haha and I was also passionate in Graphic Design and Digital Marketing. While I was learning to build a business with photography on my own, I decided to change my major at the time, chase my dream and make art for a living.

Going to school really propelled me to take my business to new heights and it was the best decision I could have ever made! Fast forward to now I have 2 years as an official LLC and capturing love has been the greatest joy of my job. A fact about me is that I am such a PEOPLE PERSON, I love making new friends, meeting new people, new families, couples, children and even fur babies! Beyond photography, its people that im passionate for and I wouldn't change my career for anything.

I love nature, traveling and fun adventures with my clients. When I'm not in front of my laptop all day, I am on coffee dates with my husband, with my family

(especially my nieces haha) or seeing what else I can do to create and enjoy life.

If you made it this far, congrats there is more you should read haha! I have down below some facts about me and hopefully that can give you a sign or a green flag to contact me! Im looking forward to bringing your vision to life.

Feel free to contact me for any design inquires or photography and let's create!


Aly Famoso


  • candid not studio type photos
  • free spirited, movement and natural
  • balance of formal and candid
  • editing style stays true to color and person making photos timeless
  • patient and calm spirit
  • fast shooter
  • constant direction in posing
  • likes to make memories in between shooting

things I love..





chai lattes







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Esteban & Dulce

“Aly is the most talented photographer I've worked with. She has a way of working magic with her camera. Her skills allowed for capturing my wedding day perfectly. The first time my husband and I met Aly was on my wedding day and even then it felt like we were friends much prior to that. She made shooting fun while still maintaining professionalism. I will definitely run to Aly for all my photography needs!”

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