When Kelly and Frank booked with me we weren't going to initially do a engagement shoot because they had already done some photos with a friend. As time went by they sent me a message and decided they wanted to do a shoot after all...just so they can get to know me and have some more professional photos. They told me they were convinced by other married friends who said it made a big difference meeting the photographer before hand! (which I agree)

I am so glad they did because this session was so fun! We chose Balboa park which is a gorgeous location for an engagement shoot. They decided to bring some champagne, which is always a great idea for you to bring! It is a huge milestone to celebrate!

We were going to do a second outfit but they forgot some clothes and decided to just stick with the more formal fit. I didnt mind it all because I feel this fit still made them feel comfortable and it called for great date night pics! Thank you so much Kelly + Frank I cant wait for their big day, every time I meet my couples before there is just a new level of comfort and fun which gets me more excited for the wedding day! LET'S DO THIS!